Christmas Sermon Series

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Who doesn’t love to unwrap presents? I can remember as a kid how the anticipation would build each December as my parents would wrap gifts and place them under the Christmas tree with a strict warning not to open them until Christmas morning. Oh, how that would kill me! I wanted to open them so bad. Sometimes I would shake the neatly wrapped packages and try to figure out what was inside. And other times, in a fit of desperation, I would actually tear a piece of the package open in an inconspicuous spot trying to discover the treasure that awaits, knowing full well the consequences of my actions if I got caught. But, finally Christmas morning would arrive and I was allowed to tear into those gifts! And I loved it. I loved unwrapping my Christmas presents!

What if we approached the true meaning of Christmas the same way? What if we were all building with anticipation to celebrate to birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas? In this new series, we are going to unwrap the true meaning of Christmas from the perspective of four different individuals or a group of individuals. We will discover the joy, the terror, the excitement and the true gift that Christmas brings! Join us this December as we unwrap Christmas!

12/3: Who is this King? (Unwrapping Christmas from King Herod’s perspective)

12/10: Worthy of Worship (Unwrapping Christmas from the Magi’s perspective)

12/17: Inconceivable! (Unwrapping Christmas from Mary’s perspective)

12/24: Christmas is for Everyone! (Unwrapping Christmas from the Shepherd’s perspective)

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